Archy & Duke

                              ABOUT US
So, today is May, 18th 2010 but I wrote the story below about 2 years ago and I know it's too long for reading but since things with us changed a little, I have to add few more lines down below. I'm happy that during these years my thinking and feeling for Labradors haven't changed, just number of dogs and breeds changed a little.:)))
My name is Albena and since I was a child I have wanted a dog but my parents didn’t allow me to have one in the small apartment where our family lived. That’s why I had three cats during my school years, all of which I brought home saying I had found in the street and I had to take care of.

After I got married we had some difficult years but my husband and I moved to our own apartment. When our son grew up a little he started asking for a dog. Before we decided what to do, he brought home a little white mouse he had bought from a pet shop and named it “Petkov Little” (our family name is Petkov and it was like in the “Stewart Little”movie). That small mouse was what brought all my old wishes to have a real pet back. To be honest, after reading some books, I decided on a Mittеl Schnauzer. However, my husband asked: “Why not a Labrador? See what the book says about them.” It was in 2001 and at that time the breed Labrador Retriever was not popular in Bulgaria, we had never even seen one before. I must admit that my answer to his suggestion was: “Why a Labrador? Look at the picture! (In the book we had, there was only one picture and it was not very good.) It looks like an ordinary street  dog!:)))”

 Anyway, while I was inquiring where to get a Mittеl Schnauzer from, he insisted on going to a pet shop to see one yellow puppy he had already seen there. So, we went there only to find out that puppy was very ill and the people selling him were nothing more but cruel animal dealers. Having seen that puppy, I couldn`t stop thinking about it and I was already sure that I wanted a dog with such an expression and look.

We didn’t find a Club for this breed then, so we contacted some people who said they had contacts abroad and could bring us a Labrador puppy from Slovakia. We agreed but asked them for a pedigree puppy because my thinking at that time was that it was some kind of a warranty covering the dog's health. At the time I had no idea of showing or breeding.

This is the story about how Archy joined our family. Mind you, it was my husband who won me for that wonderful breed. Thank you, Lyubo!


(Archy and my son)
Few years later we learned that the pedigree of our Archy is faked. He is our dearly loved pet and a true member of our family. For us he is the most wonderful dog in the world. We love him so much and he also gives us so much love.

In fact, I must say I’m only eight years in the breed which is too short a period for one to say - I’m an expert, I'm a breeder or whatever competent in the breed. However, I fell in love with Labradors after our first black Labrador Archy came to our house and this love gets deeper and deeper.


Little by little I learned more and more, and step by step I felt I wanted to help somehow for the development of the breed in Bulgaria. I thought that if I import a good quality dog from good bloodlines, it would be beneficial. So I got in touch with a renowned kennel in Sweden to ask about a chocolate male puppy because there were only a few chocolates in Bulgaria at that time. I had the luck to get the first pick from that litter. I’m so thankful to Pamela Svensson she trusted me and gave me the chance to have such a high quality dog as our Duke.

Thank you, Pamela for that lovely boy!

(Duke - 4 months old here)

Duke is a very successful show dog, although in the beginning I didn’t believe so much in our capability for a great success in the show ring, not until I entered him to Euro Dog Show in Zagreb (2007), just for fun, for we had anyway planned the trip at that time to take a puppy from Zagreb for a very good friends of mine. Surprisingly, he got Best Puppy there and after that BIS Puppy IV. Thus I have been totally "bitten by the show bug" :)

During all those years I met so many wonderful Labrador people who became my friends and my mentors. I will do my best to help more with the development of the breed in our country and will be so happy to have more and more contacts and friends in the Labrador’s world.

Now, we live in a house with a big yard and I’m thinking about a third Labrador but this time – about a girl. I’m sure that somewhere a beautiful black or chocolate, why not yellow:), puppy is to be born and join our family. I believe my family will accept the third one with the same love and open hearts as our two nice boys, I just wonder how would they accept a fourth one :-)))


Well, I have to add here that my dreams came true and my lovely black girl LEVA is already a part of our family and also a part of my heart.

Thank you Helen and thank you Frank for that gorgeous girl - my sweetheart Leva! 

The interesting thing was that a month before Leva to came to our home we have already had here another beauty - the Deutsch Drahthaar (GWP) BRANKA. She is a great girl and she will be Lyubo's best companion in the field.

Thank you Ines and thank you Andre for our lovely Branka! 

It's a big fun with these two little girls now, the number of our dogs is already four and better not to write some of my thoughts about increase the number of dogs here since the dreams sometimes come true:)))


 May, 18th, 2010